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World is the puzzle itself. There are two view points to solve this puzzle. One relative & other Real.
- Dada Bhagwan
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In today’s committed life, each one of us experiences conflicts, clashes, disputes, lack of adjustment, stress, tension, worries and inner unrest. Human life is subject to a triple affliction of mental suffering (‘Aadhi’), physical suffering (‘Vyadhi’) and suffering on account of any other individual or outside agency (‘Upadhi’). Inner weaknesses like anger, pride, greed, allurement, attachment and aversions continually take away our inner happiness. 

And after all, what are we here for? What is the aim of our life? How is the world governed? How do favorable or unfavorable circumstances gather around or grip us? What is the science of life especially in the context of surrounding circumstances and universe as a whole? What are the secrets of Cause of happening (Karma), Life’s varying Effects (Karmphal), bondage and freedom? What is in my realm and what is not? Can clear line be drawn between fate and free will? How does mind function and can it be controlled? So many such questions remain answered for us.     

Human Life is a unique live experiment of the universe. ‘I am’  is responsible for the experiment. If the knowledge, understanding, vision and belief are wrong, it would lead to all sorts of puzzles within and hence outside in interactional life too. It is only the correct knowledge, correct understanding , right vision or belief, which would lead to solution of all puzzles resulting in subsequent inner happy, harmonious, and humane living.

'Akram Vignan' - 'Vitrag Vignan' offers such a correct understanding and right vision with which one can have happy, harmonious, positive and wholesome life. It does not ask for external renunciations, difficult penances, rituals or traditions .Only with correct understanding it leads us to a new vision and a new world!! One's inner potentials are better realized and utilized. It would offer inner independence and a way to total freedom! Our real self or pure self is latent and potent absolute which can be opened out once it is realized .Here ardent seeker may also have self-realization and a sure beginning to its experience through the Divine Grace of an Enlightened Person (Gnani Purusha) who is a live Holistic Scientist. Thousands have been enjoying it even while living as a house holder.

Akram Vignan - Vitrag Vignan is the science of ‘Relative’ i.e. Temporary and “Real” i.e. Permanent; Self and the non-self, Atman-anatman, Purusha-Prakruti, Karma-Karmaphal, cause-effect, fate-free will and much more. It explores the science of “Self” and ‘Circumstances’ - inner and outer along with Natural Regulatory Mechanism of every happening of the Universe. In other words it is the ‘Science of Consciousness - Pure Soul’ and ‘Live Matter’ i.e. of Body, Mind, and Consciousness. 

Science of our own relative inner self i.e. mind, reflective consciousness, intellect and ego   is also thoroughly highlighted. How does mind function? Does mind roam? Can it be controlled and how best? How does mind get formed? Can ego be eliminated?

Light is also shed on holistic science of nature and human living as well as many other facets touching human life like money, business, opinions , food and many more.

It also throws light on many aspects of daily living like husband-wife and parent–children relations, family living, interpersonal dealings ,true love  and others.

Thus it offers correct and exact knowledge light of everything right from holistic visions of happy harmonious daily living to self realization and liberation.

This is a science, a Holistic Inner Science - all inclusive and   comprehensive. It is beneficial to one and all irrespective of  caste, color, creed, faith, nationality ,socioeconomic or literary status.

From time to time it has been brought to light by vitrags or absolute ones. Vitrag or absolute state of being is highest state of inner evolution in human form wherein all impurities or  human weaknesses of anger, greed, pride, deceit, attachments and aversions are completely abolished and as a result  infinite absolute pure knowledge light, infinite pure vision or perception light and infinite bliss with innumerous qualities of pure self get opened out or  manifested. Each and every thing of universe gets illuminated or reflected in this divine knowledge light. Not only they become blissful but they strive for happiness and welfare of one and all, in fact of all living beings. Universal love and oneness is the natural result.

In present times a man in a simple householder’s dress, Ambalal Muljibhai Patel by name, hailing from a small village, Bhadran (Dist. Kheda, Gujarat, India) who was earnestly in search of Real, eternal truth of life and universe became instrumental for  reopening light of this science.  Living his entire life only for the welfare of others, he was enlightened one evening in July 1958, while he was sitting on Surat railway platform. With the dawn of self-realization on that day all mysteries and secrets regarding 'Self' and the Universe were unveiled before him.

From 1962 to 1988 he imparted this Vision of self-realization to thousands of seekers all over the world, enabling them to live a happy, harmonious, humane life with inner freedom and bliss, even amidst adverse testing times of today’s world of cut throat competition. Not only ‘self-realization’, but also all issues and problems popping up in day to day life like those related to husband-wife-children and others are openly talked about and exact, convincing, scientific solutions are offered.

HDH Kanudadaji, had a good fortune to be brought up by “Dada Bhagwan” since childhood, and was blessed with ‘self-realization’ in 1963. Today, with his divine grace and consent, and with his state of experience of ‘Pure Soul self’, he is among us as an Enlightened Person, a Gnani Purusha. A Gnani Purusha is a non-personal state of being, wherein all ownership of mind, body, and speech has vanished, egoism of doer-ship has totally disappeared and the experience of ‘self’ and ‘non-self’ completely stabilized. Today, he is a live link of  ‘Vitrag vignan’ or ‘Holistic Inner Science’.

Aptaputras’ are initiated, dedicated celibates who move all over the world for sharing experiences of this science. Other self realized, experienced people and audio visual and printed books are available for aspirants to know this science. 

So, friends let us come together to take advantage of  this divine science  with the experience of Pure love and heart full of cherished desires for welfare and common good of one and all.

Jai Sat Chit Anand
( Jai means glory or victory, chit means knowing and seeing or perceiving and anand means bliss. It is nothing but our own real self or true self)