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Be in present. Past is gone and future is in hands of nature.
- Dada Bhagwan
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Aptaputras - Celibates Of Dada Bhagwan

Among those self realized ones, there came a group of never married bachelors, who were academically Engineers, Doctors, Business, Law graduates but wanted to remain single all through their life, follow celibacy and become instrumental in spreading the Divine message of “Dada Bhagavan's” Vitrag Vignan to the people of the world and of course, at the same time progress in their own path of Blissful Living and Self-Liberation. Repeatedly, Dada persuaded them to marry and settle in life being academically sound they would naturally make a good fortune. But every time they had refused. Dada basically checked their sincerity and finally blessed them with the “Vow of Celibacy.” They were called as 'Aptaputras' by the Sangh's president (Overall), late Mr. Khetsi Narsi Shah. Dada used to spend special time with these Aptaputras, solving tricky problems of strained human relations, Science of Vitrag Vignan and perfect Celibacy. They stay at the Mission Headquarters “Sayamdham” in Surat, Gujarat, India also proposed and supported by our overall president then. They visit village to village, city to city both in India and abroad sharing their valuable experience and Knowledge received from DADA BHAGAVAN and His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji. They conduct Satsang - Swadhyay [Self-study] sessions with those Initiated previously and with new seekers, guiding them based on their years of experience with their Spiritual Master and living as per the Principles of “Vitrag Vignan!” They have understood and experienced the underlying Science of Life, i.e. Liberated Living and ultimately passes on to others during these Spiritual meetings. Essentially, this enables their progress in the path of Self-Liberation. New Aptaputras seeking to join the crew are also being trained by them.
Presently, there are 22 Aptaputras who are actively working and spreading the message of VITRAG VIGNAN all over the globe. They are...