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Ignorance is the mother of ego.
- Dada Bhagwan
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His holiness ‘Dada Bhagwan’
(The ‘Holistic scientist’ of the ‘Science of absolutism’.)

Ambalal Muljibhai Patel,a simple looking householder in construction business hailing from Bhadran, Dist. Kheda, and Gujarat was in quest of eternal truths of life and universe.

He was born on November 8, 1908 in Tarsali, a small village near Vadodara, Gujarat, India. As he grew up, he proved to be different from others as he had qualities of a superhuman ever since childhood. Not thinking for himself, he lived only for obliging and helping others. He had attitude and resolution “whosoever meets me should get some happiness and should be benefitted by me.”

In a school while teaching a sum of L.C.M. when a teacher asked, “Find out the common number which is indivisible and present in all figures.” he just a school child then responded immediately by saying “Sir, I have found God from this. God is present in all living beings and is indivisible.”

In his construction business he had firm resolution, “we may starve but we will not be dishonest by using less cement or steel. Cement and steel for a building are like blood and bones for a body.”

As a husband also he proved to be singular by not having a single dispute with Hiraba all through his life. Hiraba had lost her one eye in young age after marriage. When relatives started forcing him for remarriage he said “I have promised to take her care in presence of sacred fire and I would keep that promise till my last breath even if she loses both her eyes.”

Since beginning he was free of common human weaknesses like attachment, greed or deceit.


Having no other desire except seeking ultimate truth, he was enlightened in June 1958 while he was seated at railway platform of Surat, Gujarat, India. Pure self having Infinite pure knowledge light, pure vision light and infinite bliss opened out in that frail body of A.M.Patel. All the mysteries of self (Mind, body, soul), bondage-liberation and universal regulation were unraveled in that divine knowledge light. Egoism vanished completely and state of infinite bliss became permanent. Not only He became blissful but He thrived for peace and happiness for one and all. This supreme self in form of eternal divine pure knowledge light, pure vision or perception light and infinite bliss was reverentially regarded as ‘Dada Bhagwan’ and A.M. Patel became ‘Gnani Purush’ i.e. an experienced holistic scientist of the science of absolutism.

Since 1962 to 1988, he imparted knowledge of Holistic Inner science or Vitrag Vignan including initiation or experience of self realization to thousands of aspirants enabling them to have peaceful, happy harmonious inner living even amidst present difficult times. His teachings not only talk of self realization or liberation but also throw light on all aspects of daily living like husband wife or parent children relations, interpersonal dealings, opinion, money, sensual pleasures and many more.

His only wish, His only aim

Dadaji had a vision and mission. Briefly in his own words, “Today light of pure Holistic Inner science or vitrag vignan which was obscured has been opened out within me. I am ready to put forward facts and ready to answer all questions like, what is mind. How does it function? What is intellect? How does the body function? Who is the creator of the Universe? How is it governed? Who am I? And so on… I wish this science should reach to ‘scientist’, thinkers, and ardent seekers. They would be able to grasp and experience it and would take it to their people in their own language. This science must reach to every nuke and corner of the world such that one and all may attain peace, inner happiness and harmonious living. This is my only wish, my only aim, my only mission whatever you say.”

His entire life was lived with this single aim, “Let everyone have peace and bliss.”

This holistic inner science is beneficial to one and all irrespective of any differences of caste, color, creed, faith, and nationality, socioeconomic or literary status.

Who is Dada Bhagwan?

Who do you think Dada Bhagwan Is? One who is seen in photograph with black cap, coat and Dhoti? No, no it is a photograph of A.M.Patel who was a ‘Gnani purush’-an experienced Holistic scientist who can reply any questions without looking at any book or scripture.

Dada Bhagwan as said before is in form of infinite pure knowledge light, pure vision or perception light and infinite bliss which opened out in frail body of A.M.Patel. It is manifest supreme self. Dada Bhagwan cannot be photographed or put to fire. He is eternal or perpetual. He can be experienced through gnan (Knowledge light), darshan (vision or perception light) charitraya (manifest state of being) and tapa (inner unseen penance). Knowledge of everything including solution to all puzzles get reflected as it is in this divine knowledge light and so any one can get exact and correct answers and guidance from Him.

Continuing Link of this science

Dada Bhagwan left mortal body of A.M.Patel on January 2, 1988. Through his grace and agna and through his own state of thoroughly stabilized experience His holiness shree Kanudadji is a live link of this science today .He has been moving all across the world for the aspirants to get benefitted from this science.