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One who deceives is himself deceived first.
- Dada Bhagwan
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His Holiness Present 'Gnani Purush'-'Holistic scientist' Shree Kanudadaji

Shree Kanubhai kantibhai Patel was born on September 17, 1930 at Nadiad, Dist. Kheda, and Gujarat.India.

He acquired his Bachelor of Engineering (B.E. Civil) in 1955 from Gujarat University. His father shri Kantibhai and shree A.M.Patel ( Dada Bhagwan) were business partners. Kanudadaji had good fortune to be raised in Dada Bhagwan’s lap. He later joined business and was working with him since 1958.

But a great moment came in his life when in February 1963; he was blessed with Enlightenment by Dada Bhagwan. In his own words, “It was total transformation with immense bliss within. Before it was a state of restlessness like a fish being put out of water? From that day experience of pure state of being was firmly established never to be shaken in any testing or trying situations of life. His vision towards Ambalalbhai also underwent a sea change .Previously he was a respected uncle, now being experienced and regarded as manifest supreme self. From that moment he has been continually in that stable state of experience of pure self.

As he lived with Dada Bhagwan, his dedication and devotion to Gnan and to Dada Bhagwan was unparallel.

In 1987 Dada Bhagwan clearly gave mandate through senior mahatma Niruben that shri Kanubhai would continue to carry on this light of ‘Akram vignan’-a step less path and would perform initiation ceremony.

Today, he is present manifest ‘Gnani Purush’ and a torch bearer of this unique holistic inner science. Gnani Purush is not a personified thing. But it is the state of being. Gnani is one who’s all owner ship or mine ness belief in mind, speech, body and all doer ship egoism have been completely vanished. He is one with thorough and stabilized state of experience of pure self and non self or relative- self. His mind, speech, body have become natural working in perfect harmony with nature. Nothing remains to be known to him. He has state of experience wherein he feels oneness with all living beings. Due to such a divine state of being from within, his body becomes instrumental for common welfare of mankind as a whole in the grand scheme of Mother Nature.

He is in centre free of all differences. When asked any question, everything gets reflected in divine knowledge light and vision light as it is and correct, exact answer or guidance can be availed. Anyone having any belief, faith or status can get guiding light and be benefitted by him.

His only vision and mission is "Let every attain peace, inner happiness and harmony through understanding of this holistic Inner science."