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One who is not sincere to others is not sincere to one’s own self.
- Dada Bhagwan
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Children's Corner

I have come in this world. Now I wish to be very happy. Ii wish to do good works and be a very good and great person.

Not only I wish to be happy but I want to make happy one and all. Some questions which always comes to our mind are:

  • I wish to know who made all these?
  • Who is governing the world and the universe?
  • The Sun, the moon, stars, tress, birds,mountains, rivers and all such things are made and run by whom and how?
  • How my wonderful body, my eyes, ears everything function so well?
  • All human beings though are same as human beings why they all are different in all perspectives? Does God make them different?
  • God - where he must be staying, what he must be doing?
  • Why there are idols in temples? What is the benefit by ‘worship’,’aarti’ and other things?
  • We are taught to respect and bow down to parents, elderly people and get their blessings. What do we get by humility? How do we get benefitted?
  • How all these great people like lord Rama,Lord Krishna,Lord Mahavira,Dada Bhagwan, Gandhiji or others may have reached such heights?
  • What should I know to become a good and great person?

To get answers to such and many other questions let us get associated to Children’s corner of Jai SachchidanandSangh.

You can send your questions to Aptaputras. You will get to know many things over and above what your parents and teachers may have told you. Stories, pictures and knowledge with fun, friendship and love.

Also you will make many friends world over.

Train ofDadaji is moving form station of darkness to station of eternal light. Aptaputrasare drivers and other children with mahatmas are co-passengers.

Jai Sachchidanand,