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Above normal is fever, below normal is fever, come to normal. Normality is essence of life.
- Dada Bhagwan
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Georgia & Metro Atlanta, USA

Georgia & Metro Atlanta, USA

3519 Palisade Cove Dr,

Contact Person: Gautam Patel

  • 770-418-9025
  • 404-452-3129


The GA centre is active. We try to invite non-mahatmas when Aptaputras visit Atlanta and Georgia. We also try to hold Aptputras satsang at various places in metro Atlanta.

Ms. Deborah Gibbs is a professor at a community college in Atlanta. She has invited Aptaputras in her class for short seminars (HSCRF) with her students. She has requested to continue to have online seminars with Aptaputras with her students from India.

We have a biweekly satsang