Sutra of the Day
Happiness-unhappiness is not elemental. It is all due to ignorance.
- Dada Bhagwan
Swami Shaileshanandji

Swami Shaileshanandji

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Education/Professional Background: M.B.B.S.D.O.M.S. (Eye Surgeon= Ophthalmologist and Oculoplasty surgeon)

Year you met Dada Bhagwan: 1977

Year you took Gnan: 25th November,1977

Year you became an Aptaputra: 1984-85

Favorite Anubhav (experience) with Dada Bhagwan:
From the moment I met Dada Bhagwan I got not only answer to the secret of karma charge but also started experiencing inner bliss and awareness. Very third day I received Gnan. From that on, it is being perceived and experienced as science. There are a lot many experiences continuing all the while. To narrate only one is as Dadaji always used to say, both vyhavar and Nischay should be parallel and Whatever busy one may be in relative vyhavar, Real equally blossoms. Vyhavar never comes in way of Gnan or We as shuddhatma.
Another one is param vinay even in vyhavar so that no one is least bothered or burdened by us/our presence.
Anything, any file can be resolved as per agna with pure love (to whatever extent we can have it).

Favorite Anubhav (experience) with Kanudada:
Since 1977 having seen him with Dadaji and his eyes full of pure love –pujya bhav has always been there. And now he is making us progress to agna dharma and inner separation of relative and real. His inner state is to be seen and tried to be understood and not only outer state.

Favorite Quote from Dada/Kanudada:
"Param vinaythi ja moksha che ane param vinaythi sansarma pan tu bahu sukhi thais."
"Gnani no rajipo ane Krupa male atle kam thai jai."

Favorite Kaviraj Pad:
Dada bhagwan vina kashu ja khape na ho ho, mukti marge vyvashthit je kai ho te ho.

Please include a short message for Youth Mahatmas:
1. Understand, apply and experience this as a science.
2. Be vigilant to Mohaniya uday peculiar to this age. You already have superior happiness, so always be by side of it rather than falling pray to Mohaniya.
3. Time- and use of time both in relative and real terms –is the key to achievements along with visions.
4. If youth is best utilized, one has made best of life.

Why did you decide to become an Aptaputra?
Having realized happiness lies in shuddhatma anubhave and not really in vishay and also having realized pains ,agonies and long chain of files arising out of desire for vishay, it occurred that if we can escape it would be great. Of course it was all by Dadaji –inspiration, vidhis, grace and all which all made it. Not really our own earning.

What is your vision for JSS Youth?
A wonderful thing, which has been happening. Keep it up and always try to keep a vision of Abhedbhav that is all as one and laghutam drashti. Keep in touch with whomsoever you feel convenient and comfortable to keep progressing. I would be more than happy to interact with all or any one desirous of progressing individually, severally and for Jagat kalyan.
Use science in live experiment of life and see wonders.