Sutra of the Day
Whatever has happened is just and correct. It is natural law, natural justice.
- Dada Bhagwan
Swami Deepakanandji

Swami Deepakanandji

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Year I met Dada: 1982 in Mumbai

Year I took Gnan: July 17, 1983, Mumbai

Year I became an Aptaputra: May 19, 1984 in Mumbai

Lifelong Aptaputra: January 26, 1986 in Baroda

Education/Professional Background:
Bachelor of Engineering [Electrical], 1983. I worked for Larson & Toubro, India - an Engineering company handling Turnkey Projects in Cement manufacture and Petrochemicals from June, 1983 to April, 1993 when I joined with other Aptaputras at SAIYANDHAM on May 2, 1993.

Favorite Anubhav (experience) with “Vitrag Dada Bhagwan”:
Probably, it was in 1984. “Dada Bhagwan” had come to Mumbai for Satsang. I was in Mumbai and working. Very commonly, in those days after the Satsang when “Dada” is about to get up, mahatmas would chant ‘Sachchidanand… Jai Sachchidanand… “Dada Bhagwan!” “Dada Bhagwan!” “Dada Bhagwan!” Bolo “Dada Bhagwan!”... “Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho!”... And “Dada” would try to reach everyone in the queue, give Darshan with eye to eye contact and would Bless us putting his hand over our head! And then would go into His room. That day, immediately after Satsang, when Dada got up, I started singing loudly, ‘Sachchidanand… Jai Sachchidanand… “Dada Bhagwan!”...’ And to my biggest surprise “Dada” came to me and told me, “Come on, let me sit!” I couldn’t understand a word!! An Aptaputra, standing nearby told me to quickly bend down and sit like a horse and let “Dada” sit over my back!!! I did that hurriedly and to my surprise, straight away Dada sat on my back!!! The crowd continued singing ‘Sachchidanand… Jai Sachchidanand… “Dada Bhagwan!” “Dada Bhagwan!” Bolo “Dada Bhagwan!”... “Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho!”...’ He sat for quite a while on my back and then got up and blessed me. He continued blessing others in the queue and then departed into His room. Immediately, after this episode one Aptaputra came to me and said today you got wonderful Blessings from “Dada”… you are very lucky!! Very lucky!! I didn’t understand much on that day but today, when I recollect the whole episode, I could understand His ultimate Divine Grace that He showered on me that day and probably due to that only I continued with His immediate successor “His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji” with identical feelings and surrender, that I had for “Dada!” 

From the depth of my heart I really don’t know how to thank “Dada” for His blessings? Otherwise, I know I won’t have been here where I am today… with my inner experience of freedom and Bliss and outside usefulness for the Sangh both!...

Favorite Anubhav (experience) with “His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji”:
During my brief association with “Dada” and now with “Kanudadaji” [now onwards, I will refer Him as “Dadaji”], when you are close, it is quite obvious that you would commit some or the other mistakes here and there, out of slackness [ajagruti] and self centeredness [‘Potapanu’] and due to which eventually “Dadaji” has to suffer!! A few years back, because of my silly mistake “Dadaji” had to suffer!! I had felt very bad but could not apologize immediately to “Dadaji” for my mistake… [very bad!] And after a few days, I realized my mistake of not apologizing and so, I went to “Dadaji” after His afternoon nap and tried confessing my mistake… ‘Dadaji I am extremely sorry for my silly mistake that day due to which you had to… blab… blab… blab…’ He responded… ‘Wait… wait… what are you talking about? When did it happen?’ I said, ‘Dadaji, the other day, I did… so and so… due to which you had to suffer… and so on…’ before I could finish He said, ‘But why all this today? Go away and don’t waste my time! We, Gyanis have the nature of “Sahaj Kshama” and that’s what I have learnt from “Dada”, my Master!!! If you have anything today, then tell me.’ It was such a wonderful lesson for me to pardon anybody unconditionally without their apology!!!

Favorite ‘Aptasutra’ from “Dada Bhagwan”:
“Everything that happens is due to a previous cause! Even the final liberation to Absoluteness [Siddhatva] is the result of such a previous cause only!”

[And that cause is, sincere and strict obeying of Dada’s 5-precepts (Aagna Dharma) so that one naturally comes under Dada’s founding principles of “Ultimate Humility” and “Non-discriminatory Vision!” Eventually, it would lead us to our final destination of Absoluteness!]

Favorite ‘Pragat Anubhav Gyan Sutra’ from “Kanudadaji” :
Mahatmas! When you don’t commit mistake of egoistic unprincipled speaking, which is considered as the ‘Single mistake of speaking’, then how could the same mahatma, the sincere follower of Dada’s Precepts [Aagnas], who is ‘By Relative Viewpoint’, and simultaneously with the “Pure Soul” Vision of ‘Real Viewpoint’, ever commit ‘Double mistake of not speaking’!? Such that it would defy and trespass the following of the Precepts [Aagnas] of ‘Vyavusthit Shakti’ and also of ‘Amicable settlement!’ How could He ever be obstructive like this for His own Self!!?
A time should come such that we remain alert and exact in the following of the Precepts [Aagnas] for all 24 hrs! Then, whether it is ‘Day’ or ‘Night’, you won’t have any discrimination!! - [080131]

Favorite Kaviraj Pad:
1. “Dookhadaa Upkaari Thaai Sunsaari kaadavmaa Kumul Kharadaai“
2. “Agar Hote kadi Vaachaa Pushu Punkhhi Yaa Pushpone, Pakaari Gyaanine Kahete Amone Moksh Aapone”

Please include a short message for Youth Mahatmas:
It is a great privilege to have among us a Living God, a Living manifestation of God, a “Gyani Purush” and we have one with us so, let us make the best for our own “Real” welfare of understanding the ‘Science of Life’ and at the same time become instrumental for the welfare of many others!! Our requirements of the ‘Relative’ would naturally get fulfilled. We cannot get such an opportunity anytime of acquiring ‘Relative’ as well as “Real” at the same time!!! And here we have get both so easily!

Why did you decide to become an Aptaputra?
I had the inclination of celibacy from childhood. I wanted to be different from the rest. But as I grew up I had mixed feelings but more inclined to remaining single. I could not picture the idea of having a wife and children walking on the beach, at the shoreline of Mumbai!! And when I got realized of my “Self” from “Dada Bhagwan” in 1983, eventually it got culminated into a solid resolution of remaining single and a celibate till the end, until I get liberated. In fact that was the Blessings I sought from “Dada Bhagwan” when I got the Blessings for Lifelong Aptaputra in 1986!!!

What is your vision for JSS Youth?
JSS Youth are so very fortunate for having associated with God’s direct representative, a Gyani Purush, in such a young age when they have all their resources intact and with Dada’s Science, if they conserve their resources they can bring Heaven on this Earth! They would not only enjoy the Bliss of the “Pure Soul” but at the same time become instrumental in making the human race useful, decisive and meaningful from within!